Rolling Tables


Rolling Benches

Standard Rolling Benches

All sizes of Ebb and Flow benches can be furnished as rolling benches. These are commonly used in production areas where it is desired to make maximum use of the available production space. Some degree of access to the crops is given up in exchange for greater efficiency of production. Standard rolling benches are the same price as the same size stationary benches.

All sizes of benches can be furnished rolling benches. Rolling benches are commonly used where maximum efficiency in the use of production space is desired, and good access to all the crop area by personnel and equipment is required, such as in a CEA indoor growing environment with expensive lighting equipment, etc. Max roll benches are to be installed on concrete floors, as some of the legs are required to be attached to the floor with anchors to prevent tipping. Standard roll benches are not required to be anchored to the floor.

Complete Roll Benches

  • Bench structure galvanized 1”  steel tubing
  • Leveling header – 1 ¼” galvanized tubing, with 2” of leveling capability
  • Anti-Tip bracket welded together with galvanized steel tubing
  •  Metal brackets to secure bench to concrete
  • Extruded Aluminum side rails, rounded bench corners
  • Molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow tray inserts
  •  Bench connector barbed through one end to connect to ¾” hose
  •  All necessary glue and fasteners for assemble
  •  All parts pre-drilled, pre-punched, pre-cut ready to assemble