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Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier 600 Pint


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Ideal-Air Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier 600 Pint

The Ideal-Air Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier is designed with ultra-sonic transducers to supply ultra-fine water particles. This is to help form a more balanced humidity field over your plant’s entire canopy. Ideal-Air Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier plates are made from cold-rolled steel and a stainless steel box, with a standard water inlet with overflow safety switch, reservoir drain outlet, sediment filter, LED display and humidity control (30% – 90%). This unit is designed to produce up to 600 pints per day of ultra-fine mist. 115 V, 60 Hz and 10.3 Amps. We recommend all Ultra Sonic Humidifiers be ducted, using 4 in PVC or 4 in DWV plastic pipe works best. Units should not be run without ducting or the top of the unit may be covered in water and shut off. Please don’t fill the unit through the discharge piping outlets. Doing this will overfill the tank and prevent the unit from creating humidity. The unit should only be filled through the provided hose and float valve to ensure proper water level and correct operation.

Grower’s Tip

Under normal conditions, you can use tap water in a humidifier with no issues. While some prefer to use purified or distilled water for the humidifier. We recommend using Reverse osmosis water to ensure the best running product long term as tap water contains minerals that will clog the machine after a period of time.


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