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Ideal-Air Pro Series Dehumidifier 180 Pint


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Ideal-Air Pro Series Dehumidifier 180 Pint

Ideal Air Dehumidifiers are able to reduce air humidity of the space, leaving people to live, work and store goods in comfortable environments. We’re proud to offer this product and believe it’s the very best in its class.

Ideal Air Dehumidifiers Pro Series 180 Pint Dehumidifier has automatic restart if power is lost. Easy-to-use digital display humidity readings, internal condensate pump, removable washable filter, 1 speed fan motor, powder-coated metal casing for long life and a heavy-duty compressor. There is built-in defrost that is designed for operation down to 41° F.

Set upright on their feet for 3 hrs prior to use. 180 pint unit: Temp. Range: 41° F- 95° F, condensation removal: (24 hrs) 180 pints (86° F, 80% RH).

Ideal-Air recommends that dehumidifiers use surge protectors and a dedicated electrical circuit. In the event of a power failure, a spike in voltage may occur when the power is reinstated. This can damage the circuit board, which is not covered under warranty.

Technical Specifications

115 V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
1,350 watts, 12.31 Amps
Range between 41 to 95 Degrees F
180 Pints (86 F, 80% RH)
22.5 x 23 x 40 inches
135 Pounds

When the humidity reaches the set point, the machine will stop automatically. It will automatically start the machine when the humidity in your space rises above the set point. The humidity range is 30-90%; The machine will stop +5% of set humidity and restart below -5% of set humidity.

When the water level in the water tank decreases, the float switch will activate and the water tank will refill automatically and stop filling when the water level rises to the maximum height.

When the system detects the water level is lower than the warning level, the machine will stop automatically. The system will warn if water is not refilled in 10 minutes.

When the humidifier is turned off the fan will continue to run for another 30 seconds to drain all the residual water and cool the unit.

Ideal Air Dehumidifiers Error Codes

E1 = Temperature Sensor Failure
E2 = Coil Sensor Failure

1. Do not place near anything that gives off a heat source, in places exposed to chemicals, or in places that may be exposed to water.
2. If the machine is not used for a long time, please unplug the power cord. When clearing the machine, stop it first and unplug the power cord.
3. During continuous drainage, please place the drain pipe appropriately for smooth drainage.
4. Do not stop operation of dehumidifier by pulling out the power cord.
5. Dust on the air purification filter mesh may impair its effect or even cause failure. Please clearregularly. If there is dust in the environment, it must be cleared once a week or once a day. Pull down the front panel, clear the filter. Tap the filter mesh slightly to eliminate the dust by vacuumcleaner or place the filter in warm water and brush and then wash with clear water and dry it.


1 Year

Additional information

Weight 64.86 kg
Dimensions 44.45 × 59.18 × 83.82 cm



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