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SO Gavita Master Controller EL2 – Gen 2


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Gavita Master Controller EL2 – Gen 2

Lighting control at your fingertips! The Master controller EL1 and EL2 Gen 2 are our entry-level systems for centrally controlling large rooms, with e-series fixtures. The second generation of Master controllers features improved and expanded functionality, that raises the bar including non-volatile memory, event logging, independent sunrise and sunset settings and independent light cycles on the EL2. The EL1 has one lighting control channel and the EL2 has two lighting control channels. The EL2 can control 1000 max repeater bus fixtures and 80 max single bus fixtures, without a booster.

Features & Benefits

Switch, dim and boost centrally
Now you have complete control over the light cycle and the output of your fixtures, from one single point. Never reach to a ballast again!

Independent light cycles on EL2 models
Allowing to program two different, and overlapping cycles, for example, a 12/12 on channel 1 and an 18/6 on channel 2.

Simple programming
Setting up the controller is a breeze, with a 5 language text interface in plain language on a high quality OLED display.

The logging functionality provides insight in the current and past status of your lights and alarms.
Logging functions for high/low temperature, last autodim event, last shutdown event and last power loss.


1 Year

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Weight 6.03 kg
Dimensions 39.37 × 26.67 × 21.34 cm