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IGS-061 CO2 Smart Controller W / High Temp Shut-Off


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IGS-061 CO2 Smart Controller W / High Temp Shut-Off

The iGS-061 will perform CO2 enrichment during the day only (when light is sensed by the photocell). The enrichment starts when the CO2 concentration falls below the set point minus the differential. (i.e. Set point = 1200 ppm – Differential = 150, CO2 enrichment starts below 1050 ppm and stops beyond 1350 ppm). The differential modifies itself until the controller senses no more overshooting or undershooting of user set point. Fixed differential values can also be set for more specific needs. As a safety feature, the high temperature shut off function will inhibit operation while temperature is over the user setting. This interruption is maintained until temperature falls below the user high temp setting. To inhibit this feature, simply set the limit to its highest value. The controller can also be set to vent (extract) CO2. In this case, the high temp shut off feature becomes a low temp shut off limit, to prevent excessive cooling conditions. Plug one 120 V power strip in iGS-061 power outlet to control up to 5 CO2 generators or regulators or Simply plug your CO2 generator or regulator in your iGS- 061 power outlet.


– Easy to install and set up
– AC Adapter, mandatory use on newer units
– CO2 controller with display and day/night detection
– Controls your CO2 tank or gas burner, during day only
– Programming allows to increase or to decrease the CO2 concentration (only during the lighting period)
– Displays both CO2 concentration and temperature
– Adjustable CO2 set point from 100 to 4,900 ppm
– Yearly easy calibration by the user, when prompted on display
– Precise CO2 sensor: truly ±75 ppm
– High temperature shut-off function adjustable from 50 to 122°F (10 to 50°C)
– 120 V, 15 A, 2 HP load capacity


3 Years

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