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Emperor Lighting Controller


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Emperor Lighting Controller

Compatible with Emperor DE 1000W fixture 120/240V KIT and Emperor DE 1000W fixture 347V KIT.

Switch, dim and boost centrally

Now you have complete control over the light cycle and the output of your fixtures from one single point.

Easy installation
The complete installation is plug-and-play. Every emperor series fixture comes with all necessary cables to install it.

Simple programming
Setting up the controller is a breeze, with a plain language on a high quality display.

Crop safety – autodim
In extreme conditions the Emperor Lighting Controller automatically dims your lights, so your plants will survive the high heat.

Crop protection – auto-shutdown
When cooling or ventilation fails, the Master Controller automatically switches off your lights, preventing imminent damage to your crop (or worse).


To prevent for example climate (humidity) problems at the end of the cycle you can program a sunrise/sunset period.


24 hour timer (on/off): Yes
Set output level: 50-115%
Select ballast type: 315/400/600/630/750/1000W
Show output as W or %: Yes
Auto-dim at set temp: Yes
Auto shutdown at set temp: Yes
Sunrise / sunset period: Yes
Outputs: 2 (main) (aux)
Number of ballasts per output: 80
Total number of ballasts: 160
Temperature sensors: 2 (main) (aux)


1 year

Additional information

Weight 4.54 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 30.48 × 10.16 cm


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