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SO Co2 Generator 6 Burner 18,000 BTU


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Co2 Generator 6 Burner 18,000 BTU

CVR manufactures the world’s most complete line of functional and efficient carbon dioxide generators. From our entry-level 2 burner unit to the commercial 18 burner unit.

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) is one of the easiest ways to accelerate plant growth. Plants grown with supplimental Co2 can produce up to 40% more flowers or fruit.


Glow Plug Smart Valves – State of the art technology, eliminates the need for a standing pilot light no constant flame to waste fuel, no pilot to re-light. Simple, Safe and Efficient!

Powder Coated – We powder coat our equipment both inside and out, which gives the ultimate rust protection. Extended Life.

Solid Brass Impinged Burners – Solid Brass ensures that when the first burner lights, the next burner will light, then the next and so on. Reliable and Trouble Free


1 Year

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Weight 10.43 kg
Dimensions 45.72 × 25.40 × 73.91 cm


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