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Natural Gas Co2 Generator 10 Burner (27.7 cu.ft/hr)


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Natural Gas Co2 Generator 10 Burner (27.7 cu.ft/hr)

CO2 is scientifically proven to improve the performance of plants! The Ares® Series CO2 generators provide a clean & efficient way to enrich your grow area with CO2. Ares® Series CO2 generators comes with everything you need to get your CO2 system started. Switchable from 2, 6, or 10 burners. Includes: CO2 Generator, AC power supply, hanging chain, ceiling hook, appropriate hose, and regulator. All you need to provide is a gas source! 180 Watts/1.5 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz.

CO2 Generator Specifications

– Power Requirements: 120 VAC – 24VDC Power Adapter
– Number of Burners: 2, 6 or 10
– Burner Material: Brass
– Propane Rating: 4,526-22,630 Maximum BTU’s
– Natural Gas Rating: 5,534-27670 Maximum BTU’s
– Cubic Ft CO2 per Hour: 6-27
– Pressure Propane: 11″ WC/2.8 kpa
– Natural Gas:4.5″ WC/1.15 kpa

Total BTU per hour
Ares 10 is adjustable from 2 burners to 10 burners with a flip of a switch

2 burners – LP = 4,526 BTU/hr and NG = 5,534 BTU/hr
6 burners – LP = 13,578 BTU/hr and NG = 16,602 BTU/hr
10 burners – LP = 22,630 BTU/hr and NG = 27,670 BTU/hr

For use in rooms – 40′ x 40′ or less

Both Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas(NG) models available – No changeover kits necessary!
Dual redundant solenoids to control gas source
Durable powder coated chassis for hydroponic environment
Built-in ‘tip-over’ switch defeats gas source in case generator should accidentally fall
Gas hose and regulator included with generator
Ceiling hooks and sturdy jack chain to hang CO2 generator in your grow area
120 Volt power supply included
Detailed instructions on how to operate your generator

Start Up Procedure

After successfully completing the installation, follow these steps…
1. Verify the power switch is OFF and the unit is NOT plugged in.
2. Verify there are no foreign objects or loose packaging materials on the inside of the unit.
3. Make sure nothing appears to be damaged or out of place.
4. Check and confirm the gas connections are properly connected.
5. Pressurize the gas lines by opening any of the shut off valves on the gas supply. Test for gas leaks and verify that there are none.
6. Make sure there are no objects within 20″ of the surface of the unit.
7. Plug the power supply into a 120V power source. Then connect the small power cable to the power inlet jack on the generator.
8. Turn the power switch ON. The green Power On LED light should be illuminated.
9. The ignition module will attempt to ignite the burners. The yellow Pilot Valve On LED indicator light should illuminate.
10. If the burners fire, continue to the next step. If this is the first time using this unit or the NG tank has been replaced recently, the burners may not fire on the first attempt. After a 30 second pause, the generator will attempt to re-fire the burners again for 15 seconds. This cycle will repeat a maximum of 5 times


3 Years

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