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Aqua Heat Titanium Heater 300 Watt


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Aqua Heat Titanium Heater 300 Watt

Heater tube is fully submersible. Automatic electronic heater. Double heating tube. Very durable and reliable. Easy temperature control. Ideal for saltwater and freshwater. Temp range: 68F (20C) to 93F (34C).


– Heater tube is fully submersible
– Automatic electronic heater
– Double heating tube
– Very durable and reliable
– Easy temperature control
– Ideal for saltwater & freshwater
– Temp range: 68°F (20°C) to 93°F (34°C)


1. Place thermostat on a dry area above the tank
2. Attach the heating tube to the glass on the inside of the tank using the suction cups.
3. Attach the temperature sensor fully sub-merged in the water away from the heating tube where there is good water circulation.


1 Year

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