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Mondi Utility Sump Pump 1585x


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Mondi Utility Sump Pump 1585x

A heavy duty, oil less (water cooled) multipurpose pump, suitable for water control: basement/indoor flooding, plant watering, water re-circulation and more!

Outfitted with a 1/2 HP motor, that can pump up to 1585 gallons per hour. Constructed with an ultra durable casing that stands up to tough conditions.

Faceted with an extra long 20ft grounded cord.

Equipped with 2 hose fittings; a multi-sized hose fitting for industrial hoses and one for a garden hose.

Maintenance & Storage

Always ensure that the pump is operating with adequate water supply. Periodically shut off the power supply and check the pump for debris lodged in the intake grill. The intake grill may be removed and cleaned by removing the screws underneath the pump housing. The pump’s motor is completely sealed in the motor housing and does not require regular service. Disassembly of the motor housing or modification or removal of the power cords voids your warranty. The power cord is non-replaceable.
Make sure the pump is dry and clean before storing. Retain the original packaging for the purpose of storing your pump. Always store your pump in a cool, dry place. Never store it while it is still connected to power. Do not stress the cord by wrapping it too tightly around the pump, as it could cause the cord to eventually fray and break down. DO NOT store in water. When re-using the pump, please re-read the instructions.


2 Year Limited

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