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Aerosystem Green Diamond Cloner


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Aerosystem Green Diamond Cloner

The Green Diamond Aerosystem cloner can accommodate up to 488 cuttings.
This is the largest capacity cloning system to be seen on the market. It also occupies a modest 16 sq.ft. of floor space! Can easily supply up to four, 4′ Green Diamond Aerosystems.


Requires up to 60% less lights
Substantial savings in air conditioning
Optimization of the cultivation area
Ergonomic work environment
Easy assembly with instructions
Ease of access to plants for maintenance
Designed to be connected in a series
Aeroponics = exceptional growth
Can be used in greenhouse or warehouse settings
Excellent nutrient uptake

Made in Canada

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Weight 55.34 kg
Dimensions 121.92 × 121.92 × 36.83 cm


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