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Inline Filter 3/4″ 120 Micron


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Inline Filter 3/4″ 120 Micron

The Screen Irrigation Filter is Ideal for large irrigation zones, that require a higher flow rate. Ideal for the first filtration of greenhouse irrigation, agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation system. 3/4″ Y shaped filter unit combines filtration and 120 PSI pressure regulation in one piece. 3/4″ x 3/4″ male pipe thread, fit with all types and brands of 3/4″ irrigation valves. 120 mesh stainless steel screen, easily removed for cleaning by unscrewing the threaded cap. Heavy duty plastic with maximum UV & oxidizer protection.


1. Suitable for:3/4 inch Screen Filter
2. Screen Filter Dimensions: Approx.20 x 13x 6.5cm
3. Connection: Male 3/4 inch
4. Material:Plastic & Stainless Steel Mesh
5. Color: Black
6. Traffic: 5 m³/ h

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Weight 1.27 kg
Dimensions 30.73 × 16.76 × 19.56 cm


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