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SO Under Current 4 Site XL13 (UC4XL13)


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Under Current 4 Site XL13 (UC4XL13)

The Under Current UC4XL13 is the perfect 4-site hydroponics system for medium to larger plant sizes. A variation of the standard 4-site Under Current system, the UC4XL13 offers larger 13-gallon growth modules, as well as expanded 30 plant spacing. In addition to the features typically found in traditional deep water culture hydroponics systems, the UC4XL13 utilizes the patented CCH2O Sub-Current Culture system. This unique recirculating element provides constant plant nutrient circulation, that produces outstanding growth and big harvests.


Easy and reliable, no timers, no guesswork. Reduces labor & maintenance.

Greenhouse grade heavy-duty construction, water level marks, recessed drain wells, raised body for thermal cooling, and a smooth interior for easy cleaning.

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