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SO Under Current XL Double Barrel CCUCDB32XL


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Under Current XL Double Barrel CCUCDB32XL

The Under Current® Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) System features, the patented Sub-Current Culture® circulation method. This high-performance water culture system is unmatched in efficiency, layout versatility and ease of use. The Under Current® utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone, ensuring pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.

The Under Current® is the cornerstone of the CCH2O Proven Production Approach, when used with Cultured Solutions® Nutrients and the CCH2O Nutrient Dosing System.

This system includes:

CCH2O Multi Mod Growth Modules, with Drain Well
CCH2O 5.5″ Heavy Duty White Lids, with Port Hole
CCH2O 5.5″ Heavy Duty Net Pots
CCH2O Easy Clean Manifolds, with UC Spin-Tight Bulkheads
CCH2O Add-Back Kit
High Flow Aeration Manifold
Air Pump Bank with CCH2O Air Flow Regulator
Premium Linear Air Pump(s)
Danner Mag-Drive Return Pump with 1″ Return Hose
Optional Drain Out Kit Available
Adjustable Float Valve, with Reservoir Adapter Kit
Cultured Solutions XS Growers Pack

3-Year Limited Warranty.

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