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Tomato Cage 54″


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Tomato Cage 54″

Give your tomatoes and other vining plants the support they need to grow with the 54 in. galvanized tomato cage. Plants that grow inside a cage utilize the sides of the cage to support the stems and need fewer ties. Just place one plant inside the cage and guide the stems through as they grow. This tomato cage is strong enough to help keep even the largest tomato plants contained and under control, without blocking sunlight or rain.

This tomato cage keeps plants growing tall and off the ground, for better air circulation, while the large openings give easy access for harvesting. Its galvanized finish prevents rust, which makes it reusable season after season. This cage can be used in a garden bed, raised garden, or for container gardening. These cages are easy to take out at the end of the season and are stackable within each other, for easy storage.

– 18.140 in. top ring diameter (inside dimension)
– Supports plants/vines up to 10 lbs. in weight
– Stakes into your yard or garden with the press of a foot

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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 137.16 × 48.90 × 48.90 cm


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