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Grodan A-Ok Starter Plugs 98 Each


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Grodan A-Ok Starter Plugs 98 Each

Grodan A-Ok Starter Plugs are for starting seeds and rooting cuttings, prior to plugging into larger Gro-Blocks.

The 1.5″ size fits perfectly in the Gro-Smart tray as well as all our pre-drilled Gro-Blocks. One advantage of using the Gro-Smart tray, is that it elevates the plugs above the waterline and ensures good airflow around the plugs. A-Ok plugs come labeled with instructions, in a shrink-wrapped package, that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray (flat).


– A-OK PLUGS / MACROPLUGS : AO 36/40 (1.5″ plugs)
– Size of Plug : 1.4″ sq. x H 1.57″
– Plugs/Package : 98

How to Soak Grodan A-Ok Starter Plugs

1.Saturate the A-OK Starter Plug with 1.5 EC nutrient solution, pH adjusted to 5.5 – 6.5, with a coarse spray or submerged for up to 1 minute and let drain.

2. Take cuttings that are no more than 14 days old, apply rooting solution to cut only and insert stem ½ inches, into the saturated A-OK. If growing from seed, place one seed, using clean tools, into the perfectly sized hole of the saturated A-OK. Monitor the wet weight. Once the wet weight reaches 50%, apply an irrigation, with a nutrient solution of 1.5 EC and 5.5 pH. Drain excess to prevent mold, algae and disease. Allow your seedlings and cuttings adequate time, to fully exploit all the stone wool in the A-OK Starter Plug before transplanting.

3. Transplant
When it comes to transplant time, moving your young plants on to the next stage couldn’t be easier! Grodan Gro-Blocks come prefabricated with the perfect sized hole to accommodate our A-OK Starter Plugs.

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