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Bluelab pH Pen

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Bluelab pH Pen

The Bluelab pH Pen will quickly and accurately measure your hydroponic solution’s acid/ alkaline balance. Use to maximize plant nutrition and ensure optimum plant health, growth and yields.


Successful calibration indicator
Measures pH and temperature
Completely waterproof
Backlit LCD display
AAA alkaline battery included

Directions For Use:

Step 1: Press power button and place probe in solution. Wait for reading to stabilize
Step 2: To hold reading press power button again

Grower’s Tip:

To ensure accurate readings the double junction probe needs to be rinsed in water after each use and cleaned prior to calibration. Bluelab’s KCL Storage solution (67016) is hightly recommended


1-year repair or replacement

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 4.83 × 9.40 × 20.83 cm


1 review for Bluelab pH Pen

  1. John

    An excellent pH pen!

    It has powerful, speedy and accurate computing with a user friendly interface. The difference between a quality Bluelab pen and cheaper option is noticeable immediately in use and design.

    It has an awesome backlit display, temperature sensor, automatic on/off and solid overall feel. The use of a AAA battery is most preferable over the tiny watch batteries most other pH pens use.

    Don’t waste your time going near the cheaper options.

    “Price friendly” versions cannot compare in build quality, accuracy and product life. Not to mention customers support is dismal, if not entirely non existent at the lower end of the price brackets.

    Bluelab customer support is outstanding, answering any questions I had promptly. There is also ample information about their products and uses online in the form of websites and videos.

    Be sure to purchase a bottle of extra KCl storage solution and pH 4 & 7 respectively for monthly/weekly calibration.

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