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SO Bluelab pH Controller Connect


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Bluelab pH controller Connect

Our clever pH controller Connect automatically monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. Set your pH parameters and let the Bluelab pH Controler keep you on point, dosing in your set direction pH up or down solution, not both. You simply set it, and forget. The pH is taken care of. So you can relax!

Our Bluelab pH Controller Connect constantly monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. But more than that, it wirelessly data logs to your computer too, putting continuous information at your fingertips in real time. Use the data to make system changes faster for the ultimate crop. You can also change the settings from your PC.

Clever stuff?
24 hour a day monitoring and control of your pH, so you know your plants are able to get the most nutrient uptake.

Product Features / Benefits

View your reservoir pH on your mobile phone, no matter where you are
Automate pH control in reservoirs of up to 200 US gallons/760 liters
10 ml/min peristaltic pump delivers precise control
Controls pH in the up (alkali) or down (acid) direction
Built-in safety lockouts, prevent overdosing
Dosing routine, allows for effective mixing before next dose
Auto-resume dosing, when restarting after power loss
High and low alarms to alert you when pH is out of range
Acid- and alkali-resistant delivery tubing
2-metre/6-ft probe and power cable lengths and 1.2-metre/4-ft total tubing
Flexible mounting options for walls, posts and racks
Easy-to-clean display, built for clean environments


2 Years

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Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 11.18 × 20.83 × 19.81 cm