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Jiffy CareFree 26 Strips (Each)


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Jiffy CareFree 26 strips

Grow with the Jiffy Care Free advantage today! These 30mm Jiffy peat pellets are shipping compressed, to save on storage space.. When soaked in water, these Jiffy Care Free pellets expand significantly to 1.25″ dia x 1.5″ tall when fully expanded, creating an all-in-one seed starting system. Jiffy Care Free peat pellets are rapidly becoming the #1 choice of gardeners everywhere. Available in multiple sizes, to suit any seed starting and plant propagation needs. Jiffy Care Free pellets are the all natural approach to plant propagation. They come pre-formed and ready for planting, simply expand with water.

Jiffy Care Free peat pellets are the ideal choice for indoor seed starting. The soft walled pellets allow plant roots to naturally air prune as they emerge through the pellet. Jiffy Care Free peat pellets are a consistent seed starting medium that is optimized for propagation and root development.

Jiffy Care Free peat pellets offer perlite to enable the roots available air pockets to help encourage faster root development.


1.25″x 1.5″ (Diameter x Height)

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