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Jiffy 7 36 mm Medium (2000/Cs)


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Jiffy 7 36 mm Medium (2000/Cs)

The Jiffy-7 pellet is a unique concept, packing amazing cost saving advantages for the grower on the lookout to minimize input costs. Jiffy-7, media and container in one, comes compressed, saving on freight and logistics. Jiffy-7 is available in many sizes and tray configurations and suited to be used in fully automated sticking lines. When utilizing a Jiffy pellet loader, bulk Jiffy pellets can be loaded in your own preferred tray at the nursery, paving the way for additional cost savings. Jiffy-7 is the perfect solution for an array of crops.


Compressed peat pellets instead of heavy potting soil
Made from the renewable raw material Sphagnum peat moss
Consistently high quality
Intelligent solution for clean and easy handling
Reliable and fast germination for healthy plants with strong root systems

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Weight 11.68 kg
Dimensions 37.46 × 29.21 × 22.22 cm


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