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Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat 21″ X 48″


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Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat 21″ X 48″

Super Sprouter 4 Tray Seedling Heat Mat is designed for 4 standard 10 in x 20 in propagation trays placed side by side. The heavy duty construction makes this mat very durable and allows even warming throughout the trays.

The Super Sprouter Heat Mat warms the rooting area approximately 10 F – 20 F over ambient temperatures to improve the germination process. In doing this, it helps the gardener have a better success rate with seedlings and cuttings. More consistent heating with fewer hot spots than other seedling heat mats on the market.

110 Watts. 5 ft 120 Volt power cord.

6 units per case

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Weight 1.47 kg
Dimensions 55.12 × 10.67 × 10.92 cm