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Jurassic Cal-Mag 12-0-0 1 Kg


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Jurassic Cal-Mag 12-0-0 1 Kg

Calcium Magnesium is a highly enriched, formulated blend of Magnesium, Calcium and Iron, that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth, for both soil and soil less gardens. Incorporated in your regular feeding program, it increases flower bud absorption and improves the nutritional quality of plants, while correcting nutrient related plant deficiencies, such as grape stem rot, grass tenancy, tip burn in lettuce, blackheart in celery, blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon and bitter pit in apple. In addition to correcting nutrient deficiencies, it also accelerates protein syntheses, maintains high starch content in crops, improves the density of fruit and the production of essential oils, creates lush and greener foliage, and maintains a healthy root system.

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Weight 1.25 kg
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