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House & Garden Rhizo Force 4.54 Kg


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House & Garden Rhizo Force 4.54 Kg

A granular, slow-release product that enriches soil, coco and peat-based media with essential ingredients.

Rhizo Force, by House and Garden is an additive used to reinvigorate recycled medium, or to help boost new medium. Rhizo Force is designed to enrich soil with the vital nutrients it needs for healthy, thriving plants. Rhizo Force can be used with a variety of medium types.

H&G’s granular soil conditioner, Rhizo Force. It works to build concentrations of enzymes, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, that will help to maximize plant growth and development, by harnessing the raw power of nature. Cultivating an army of protective microbes will also help to ward off pathogenic fungi like pythium, which can devastate entire crops.


Enriches your medium with essential nutrients, while supplying organic matter to feed beneficial bacteria and fungi.
Can help invigorate recycled medium, or boost new medium.
Active ingredients enable the root system to form a symbiotic relationship with the medium, helping to create super highways of available minerals, while assisting in the breakdown of stored nutrients.


Top dress into soil, peat, or coco-based mediums.
Fill your tray or pot with desired medium, sprinkle it with Rhizo Force and cover the grains with 2-4 inches of medium.
Moisten the medium and start planting the next day.

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Dimensions 22.35 × 22.35 × 19.81 cm