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Green Gold Fulmecca 0-1-0 1 Liter


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Green Gold Fulmecca 0-1-0 1 Liter

Green Gold FulMecca is a water-soluble formula of low molecular weight humic acid, that benefits the plant during the entire growth cycle. One of the most important functions of Green Gold FulMecca is its ability to help with the uptake of macro and micronutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible to your plants. Low molecular weight humic acid’s natural ability to chelate nutrients means larger molecules become mobile and available to the plant. Once absorbed, it continues to help transport the nutrients to the parts of the plant where they are needed most. The added humic acid ensures plants retain and fully utilize the nutrients you are feeding with. Green Gold FulMecca can also benefit as a foliar spray application. When applied as a foliar spray, it can increase the number of budding sites on a flowering plant, promote sturdier stalks, and overall plant structure. You can expect impressive and healthy yields when you add Green Gold FulMecca to your feed regime

Mix Rates:

Hydroponics: 2 – 3 mL / 1 liter
Soil: 3 – 5 mL / 1 liter
Seedlings: 3 – 4 mL / 1 liter
Foliar Spray: 15 – 20 mL / 1 liter

Available in the following sizes:

1 Liter, 4 Liters & 20 Liters

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Weight 1.04 kg
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