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Green Gold Earth Worm Infusion 4 Liters


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Green Gold Earth Worm Infusion 4 Liters

Earthworm Infusion is a complete, nutrient rich fertilizer that is produced naturally by earthworms. Earth worm castings are one of the most dynamic constituents that one could add to soil or soilless mixes. Vermicompost holds a complete array of water soluble micro and macro nutrients that diversifies the organic nature of the root zone by adding beneficial bacteria and helps the plant stay hydrated by holding 3 to 4 times its weight in water! This product can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants, even the most sensitive!

Benefits and Advantages:

Naturally odor free
Less watering needed
Improves soil structure and aeration
Enhances germination, plant growth and yield

Excellent for:

Outdoor Gardening
Vegetable production
Shrubs and trees
Golf Courses

Mix rates:

Hydroponics: 2 mL / 1 liter
Soil: 5 – 10 mL / 1 liter
Seedlings: 2 mL / 1 liter
Foliar Spray: 4 – 5 mL / 1 liter

Available sizes:

1 Liter, 4 Liters & 20 Liters

Additional information

Weight 4.08 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 11.18 × 26.92 cm


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