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Philips Master Son-T Pia Bulb 600 Watt HPS*


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Philips Master Son-T Pia Bulb 600 Watt HPS*

The Master Son-T Agro PIA 600 Watt HPS light bulb from Philips, includes an increased blue spectrum for more sturdy plant growth and development. The Master Son T Agro light bulb emits a high lumen output to provide constant crop quality and quantity over the bulb’s life. This high quality horticulture 600W Master Son T Agro grow light bulb will work on most 600W HPS standard magnetic or electronic ballasts.


Ceramic discharge tube with Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for long/reliable lifetime.
Technology ensures high lumen maintenance.
Optimized performance for horticultural applications.
Increased high quality plant growth with good leaf and bloom color and extra branching.

The Kelvin is 2100.
600 WATT = 92,000 LUMENS
Socket – E40


1 Year

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