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Philips Alto Bulb 1000 Watt Hps*


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Philips Alto Bulb 1000 Watt Hps*

HPS grow lights have good spectral distribution and emit the yellow and red regions of the spectrum. High pressure sodium bulbs help stimulate flower and fruit production in plants more efficiently than other grow light sources. It is best to use HPS grow lights in addition to or cycled with metal halide grow lights.

Photosynthetic Photon Flux PPF 1550 umol/s


HID Bulbs produce high output for their size making them a compact powerful & efficient light source
HID Bulbs are used for general lighting, professional lighting fixtures, growing applications
HID bulbs put out around 3-5 times greater output (lumens per watt) than traditional halogen bulbs
Philips Ellipsoidal E25 bulb, 1000W,
Base: E39 Mogul Screw, Rated Life (hours): 24000, Color Temp: 2100K, Luminous Flux (LM):


1 Year

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