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Green Gold Reflector 315W Flexible & 15′ Lamp Cord


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Green Gold Reflector 315W Flexible & 15′ Lamp Cord

The Emperor DE reflectors are made from the absolute highest quality Alanod German Miro 4 anodized aluminum. The aluminum is >95% reflective and diffuses the light to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy. Our reflectors are thicker, brighter, and last longer than competitors. The industry’s only 3 way adjustable reflector puts more light on your crop. Customize the direction of light to suit your needs! No need for an additional reflector.

Deep = : 90 degree beam angle
Medium = 110 degree beam angle
Wide = 145 degree beam angle


– Adjustable reflector – angle and light spread area can be easily adjusted for different usages
– Hammered surface design enhances the diffused reflectance and ensures uniform light output
– Equipped with 15 foot lamp cord

Lamp Holder

The Emperor DE comes with the VS K12x30s high temperature lamp holders. Manufactured by Vossloh-Schwabe in Germany these are the safest on the market. The last thing a grower wants is a fire in their expensive grow facility.


The Emperor Reflector comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

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Weight 3.52 kg
Dimensions 48.90 × 26.67 × 18.42 cm


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