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705193C Square Pot Carry Tray 550 (25/Cs)


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705193C Square Pot Carry Tray 550 (25/Cs)

T.O. Plastics square pot plastic carry trays are made of 100% recycled resins to create a durable, environmentally responsible horticulture product that you can depend on. For added ease and efficiency, these plastic carry trays can be paired with our square plant pots for a simple, efficient potting system


Width: 10.81 inches
Length: 21.25 inches
Depth: 1.93 inches
Width: 27.45 cm
Length: 53.97 cm
Depth: 4.9 cm

Other Specifications:

Quantity per Case: 100
Cases per pallet: 20
Units per pallet: 2,000

Additional information

Weight 14.51 kg
Dimensions 53.98 × 40.64 × 55.24 cm


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