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730649C Insert 18-Deep Sheet Pots (3.5″) (50/Cs)


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730649C Insert 18-Deep Sheet Pots (3.5″) (50/Cs)

Multi-purpose sheet pots and liner trays are ideal for nursery propagation and landscape ground covers. High quality economical pots are connected in one sheet and easily separate for individual use. Our sheet pots and liner trays are designed to de-nest easily, saving you time and effort.


Width: 10.56 inches
Length: 21.06 inches
Depth: 3.55 inches
Width: 26.82 cm
Length: 53.50 cm
Depth: 9.01 cm

Cell Dimensions:

Top outside: 3.55 inches
Depth: 3.38 inches
Top outside: 8.58 cm
Depth: 9.01 cm

Other Specifications:

Max Dry cu. in.: 29.9
Max Liquid: 16.56 pt
Max Liquid Metric: 490 ml
Quantity per case: 50
Cases per pallet: 56
Units per pallet:2,800

Additional information

Weight 5.22 kg
Dimensions 53.98 × 27.30 × 25.02 cm


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