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SO 720507C Standard Plug Trays 200 (50/Cs)


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SO 720507C Standard Plug Trays (50/Cs)

Plug production may be the most technically advanced process in our industry, and T.O. Plastics plug trays provide the uniform growth and quality your growing operation demands. Our plug trays offer optional top surface ventilation holes and precisely centered and punched drain holes to help you achieve higher yields.


Perimeter Trim: 11.00″ x 21.22″ (27.94 x 53.90 cm)
Cell Footprint: 10″ x 20″
Width: 0.86 inches
Length: 0.86 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches
Width: 2.19 cm
Length: 2.19 cm
Depth: 3.81 cm

Other Specifications:

Max. Dry cu. in.: 0.67
Max. Liquid: 0.37 fl. oz.
Max. Liquid Metric: 10.94 l
Quantity per case: 50
Cases per pallet: 40
Units per pallet: 2,000

Additional information

Weight 8.73 kg
Dimensions 48.26 × 29.21 × 54.61 cm


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