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720562C Plug Tray Star Deep 38 (25/Cs)


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720562C Plug Tray Star Deep 38 (25/Cs)

You’ll have healthier plants that are easier to maintain and “pop” faster. The unique star cells use a vertical rib design to train roots downward, for faster growth without becoming root bound. For no extra cost, these trays also have optional top surface ventilation holes to maintain more even moisture distribution and fight crowning. Precisely centered drainage holes reduce disease issues that result from over-watering. Features: square corners, deeper cells, formed edges precisely centered, punched drain holes.


Cell wall “root ribs” promote downward root growth Plug trays feature die-cut holes, square corners, and formed edges for excellent durability If water drainage is a concern, combine with a no hole germination flat for excellent results.


Tray measurements are: 21″ x 10.5″ x 5″
Width: 2.13 inches
Length: 2.13 inches
Depth: 5.00 inches
Width: 5.41 cm
Length: 5.41 cm
Depth: 12.70 cm

Other Specifications:

Max Dry cu. in.: 13.43
Max Liquid: 7.44 fl. oz.
Max Liquid Metric: 220.03 ml
Quantity per case: 25
Cases per pallet: 32
Units per pallet: 800

Additional information

Weight 8.05 kg
Dimensions 57.78 × 29.21 × 55.24 cm


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