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SO Haviland 5 TS – 13.55 L (3.6 Gallons) 10.5 X 12.05


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Haviland 5 TS – 13.55 L (3.6 Gallons) 10.5 X 12.05

The Scalloped Top Ring holds the container shape better, reducing trunk damage and preventing creases and bends in the container. This leads to less chance of side collapse during shipment and higher product shipping densities. Overall shipping costs are reduced by using less protective packaging material. Worker hand and wrist injuries may also be reduced.

Rounded Top Rim means less damage during shipping.

Multiple handle grips makes the smaller containers easier to pick up and empty containers easier to handle.

Radiused stiffening rings result in reduced labor in preparing the product for shipping.

Stepped Tapered Body: trees are removed easily with less labor/damage. Higher capacity drainage areas promotes better root growth, reduces the chance of disease and prevents product damage.

Corrugated Base Channel reduces the chance of bottom warping


Top Dia x Height: 10.5 x 12.05
Approximate Gallons: 3.58
Approximate Liters: 13.55
Approximate Cubic Inches: 827
Cont. per Cubic Yard: 56.42
Quantity Pallet/Stack: 1,680
Pallets per Truck: 28

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 26.67 × 30.73 cm


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