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Haviland HP 275 – 8.52 L (2.25 Gallons) 10.1 X 9.31


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Haviland HP 275 – 8.52 L (2.25 Gallons) 10.1 X 9.31

These Haviland thermoformed nursery containers have heavy-duty wrap-around rims that are easy to handle and strong enough to pick up heavy plant material. The thermoforming process of these pots creates a thin wall nursery container of exceptional quality, which deliver several advantages over competitors’ products including uniformity, durability, stack ability & cost-effectiveness.


– Rolled lip- Easier to carry and less damage to the plant during transportation
– Fluted bottom- Flutes make a stronger bottom for stacking
– Extra drain holes- Better drainage no standing water
– Bottom drain holes More attractive look and reduces weed growth vs. side holes
– Strong container lip- Easier to work with filling container in production, better for stacking plants for shipment.


Liters: 8.52 L
Gallons: 2.25 G
Top Diameter: 10.1 inches
Height: 9.31 inches
Bundle: 100 units
Pallet Quantity: 4,600
Pallets per truck:26

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Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 25.65 × 25.65 × 23.37 cm


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