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Pollinator P500 Series Dry-Sifter


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Pollinator P500 Series Dry-Sifter

This is the original dry sifting machine, invented in the winter of 1992, released on the market in November 1994. This model is suitable for up to 500 grams of dried plant material in one go.

How it works:

Fill up the drum, place it into the machine, turn on and wait for several minutes;
Stop the machine, remove the drum, collect the crystals Done!
Repeat until your material is depleted and/or your end product is too green.

By default we equip every Pollinator® with a 150 µm screen drum. For other screen sizes, take a look at our Extra Drums, available for the models P150, P500 and P3000.

Grower’s Tip:

The Pollinator® P500 fits into a top-loading freezer. You will obtain the best dry sift results at low temperatures.
Note: Beware of condensation water!

Additional information

Weight 5.90 kg
Dimensions 71.12 × 40.64 × 35.56 cm



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