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Dispensing Valve For 5 Liters


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Dispensing Valve For 5 Liters

The patented FLUXX®-Dispensing Taps for containers and drums are perfectly suitable for simple, clean and quick refilling of fluids without gurgling. The outstanding flow properties are based on the patented ventilation system.

Unique ventilation system

The outstanding flow properties are based on the unique ventilation. Thanks to this, Dispensing Taps have a flow rate of 5 L / min at the minimum. No leak Dispensing taps have a high impermeability even with aggressive chemicals and strongly seeping liquids.


– Easy, fast and clean dispensing without gurgling
– Available for all common thread sizes
– Drip-off edge for convenient and clean dosing even in narrow bottle necks
– Smooth moving lever for easy operation
– High flow rates
– Resistance to a multitude of chemicals
– Fit for human consumption under various food laws

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 8.89 × 8.89 cm


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