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Dropper For 30 Or 50 ML


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Dropper For 30 Or 50 ML

Glass droppers are a convenient way to get just the right amount of essential oil that you need.

They also come in handy if you want to remove any excess oil from your diffuser well, and to measure other liquids.

Save Time and Product

Eye Droppers are pre-assembled for your convenience, so you just need to replace the lid of the most essential oil bottles with this Eye Dropper. With Glass Eye Droppers, you are sure that you are using only required an amount of liquid, without wasting any of it.

Designed For Effectiveness And Reusability

Note: plastic tubes may get deteriorated by pure essential oils, however, the glass tubes work just perfectly with the essential oils. Moreover, the Glass Eye Droppers are designed for reusability. Just wash the droppers and reuse it again. The glass tube on the dropper is detachable from the rubber top for convenient & better cleaning of the dropper.

Blend Oils With Measurement

With Eye Droppers, you can be sure of the amount of oil you are adding to a blend. When you are following recipes, most of the time measurements are specified in drops, and for a perfect blend you need to make sure you are adding only the required number of drops.

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