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Bubble Now XL 20 Gallons


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Bubble Now XL 20 Gallons

Bubble Now XL 20 Gallon Extraction Washing Machine by Bubble Bags

The Original Bubble Now XL 20 gallon machine, build specifically for large scale resin extraction, produces better quality Bubble, in less time and with less mess than ever before! Its gentle agitation results in a top quality extract every time – a huge improvement over hand mixing.


Large capacity: process up to 2 pounds / 32 oz / 900 grams of plant material at a time
Designed to be used with our 20 Gallon Bubble Bag sets, for fast, easy, and top notch results
Handy pump & built-in drain hose to flow the water into your Bubble Bags
Lightweight, durable, top quality & portable at only 30 pounds or 13 kgs
15-minute timer with 3-minute increments
Efficient design, uses minimal water and electricity
Approximate Dimensions: 31″ x 17″ x 17″ or 78 x 43 x 43 cm
This machine has a 110 volt motor for use in North America.

Kit Includes

1x Original Bubble Now 20 Gallon Extraction Washing Machine
1x FREE Original Bubble Now XL 20 gallon Wash Bag, 220 micron with zipper ($120 value)

What you’ll need

You will also need a set of Bubble Bags to collect your extract.


1 Year

Additional information

Weight 12.25 kg
Dimensions 48.26 × 45.72 × 88.90 cm


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