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Bubble Bag Single 20 Gallons 220µ (Blue)


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<h1Bubble Bag Single 20 Ggallons 220µ (Blue)

Replace your lost or damaged Bubble Bag or upgrade your kit.

Original Bubble Bags are professional high quality, heavy duty bags. The nylon sidewalls are the heaviest, most durable fabric available in an extraction bag, 800 thread count nylon. They are triple stitched, super strong and able to withstand extremely cold ice water temperatures and vigorous agitation.

Bubble Bag Color Codes

220 micron – Blue
190 micron – Green
160 micron – Red
120 micron – Orange
90 micron – Black
73 micron – Yellow
45 micron – White
25 micron – Purple
Thread: bonded nylon


German mono-filament material
Heat stamped screens
Triple stitched nylon fabric
800 thread count
100% PVC free waterproof coating
Handles: Yes
Carry Bag: polar fleece
Weight: 400 GSM
Thread: bonded nylon

The 5 Gallon kits can process up to 0.5 pounds or approximately 0.25 kilogram (dry weight) of plant material at a time. The 20 Gallon kits can process up to 2 pounds or approximately 1 kilogram (dry weight) of plant material at a time.

How to use

To get the best results please review below our guide into How to use.

Note: If you are using an electric mixing device, we recommend mixing in a separate bucket before pouring the mixture into your Bags and allowing it to settle.

In addition to the kit, you will need ice, water, a spoon (or a mixing device such as a hand mixer), a tea towel and a bucket (the size will depend on the kit used).

The original Bubble Bag system offers you eight layers of industrial grade filtration, which will allow you to extract the essential oils from almost any plant.

1. Line the bucket with your Bags, starting with the 25-micron bag and ending with the 220-micron bag.

2. Fill the bucket with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the Bags (about halfway full).

3. Add your dry or frozen plant trimmings.

4. Add enough ice to almost fill your bucket to the top.

5. Stir your mix for 15 to 20 minutes, adding ice if necessary, to keep the water cold. A 50/50 mix of ice and water is ideal.

6. Pull out your Bubble Bags one by one, draining them into the bucket.

7. As you pull each Bubble Bag, turn it inside out after it is finished draining to collect your herbal extract.

8. Gently press the excess moisture out of your herbal extract using your pressing screen and a dish towel.

Cleaning Recommendations

1. Always rinse the bags thoroughly with cold water immediately after use
– Do not use warm or hot water, as this will clog the screens
2. Repeat if necessary
3. Hang the bags and always allow to air dry completely before storing them to prevent mold or rot issues
> For heavy stains, soak overnight, then repeat step 1
> Never use detergent or solvents
> If your screens become clogged, you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol on a soft toothbrush to gently remove tough stains. Keep alcohol away from edge of screen (stitching)


Will last for over 200 uses and carry a lifespan warranty against defects.

Additional information

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