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Blue Sticky Insect Trap Thrips / Leafminer (10/Cs)


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Blue Sticky Insect Trap Thrips / Leafminer (10/Cs)

This blue sticky trap catches thrips and leafminers. Use in the greenhouse or outside. Each trap has 48 sq. inches of sticky surface and a grid for easy monitoring. Use one trap approximately every 7′ or at the end of each row.

Directions for Use:

In tall crops such as cucumber, tomato and pepper, traps should be positioned just above the plant head and raised as the crop grows.
In crops with a low canopy, traps should be supported by canes or wire holders a maximum of 30 cm above the crop.
The traps should be placed in areas with the highest risk of infestation, i.e. at doors, gable ends and lateral ventilation openings.


– LeafMiner Trap
– Weatherproof
– Easy to Use
– Non Poisonous
– Grid for precision monitoring

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Dimensions 16.00 × 10.41 × 1.02 cm



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