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EcoSense (BUG B GON) Concentrate 500 ML PERMIT REQUIRED


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EcoSense (BUG B GON) Concentrate 500 ML PERMIT REQUIRED

Ecosense (Bug be gone) concentrate Insecticide is a one-step solution to control bug infestations in the greenhouse and on houseplants. The pyrethrin formula containing canola oil is effective for controlling all life stages of mites, aphids, and whitefly, preventing reproduction and recurring infestations.

This insecticide can be used on a wide variety of plants, from flowering plants to greenhouse vegetables and it can be applied to produce right up to the day before harvest.

Bugs Controlled

Controls all stages of aphids, spider mites and whitefly, adult and nymph stages of thrips, caterpillars, mealybugs, scale insects and sugar ants.

Active Ingredients:

Pyrethrins 0.5%

Does not contain Piperonil Butoxide

Grower’s Tip:

Best used 2-3 hours after HID lights are off or 2-3 hours after sunset the greenhouse or indoor grow area cools down and bugs come out!

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