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Agro Mix G5 (P10 Lite) 85 Liters


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Agro Mix G5 (P10 Lite) 85 Liters

AGRO MIX® G5 is an all-purpose soil mix with high porosity that provides superior drainage and gas diffusion due to its particular peat composition.


Contains perlite
All-purpose soil mix
Facilitates root growth (size and abundance)


Peat, perlite, limestone, gypsum, micronutrients, wetting agent

Grower’s Tip:

This planting mix is an excellent choice for plants that will be watered frequently without a high level of evaporation, such as a shaded greenhouse or in cooler environments.

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Weight 16.10 kg
Dimensions 93.98 × 53.98 × 10.16 cm