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Agro Mix G5 3.8 Cu. Ft. Compressed


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Agro Mix G5 3.8 Cu. Ft. Compressed

AGRO MIX® G5 is an all-purpose soil mix with high porosity that provides superior drainage and gas diffusion due to its particular peat composition.

Soil porosity creates spaces allowing oxygen and water (two essential elements to photosynthesis) to quickly reach the roots to facilitate their development.

AGRO MIX® G5 was designed to meet the needs of producers that prefer to use one planting mix for all growing needs.

AGRO MIX® G5 works well with conventional watering. The quantity of perlite is adjusted so that irrigation and water retention are similar to other high porosity soil mixes that we find on the market, despite the coarse peat.

AGRO MIX® G5 is the perfect soil mix if you want to produce a cropin long days (spring-summer).


Contains perlite
All-purpose soil mix
Facilitates root growth (size and abundance)


Peat, perlite, limestone, gypsum, micronutrients, wetting agent

pH 5.8
Electric Conductivity (mmhos/cm) 0.9
N-NO3 (ppm) 50
P(ppm) 10
K(ppm) 75
Ca (ppm) 100
Mg (ppm) 10
B (ppm) 0.05
Cu(ppm) 0.05
Fe(ppm) 1
Mn (ppm) 0.5
Mo(ppm) 0.04
Zn(ppm) 0.5
SO4(ppm) <300
Na(ppm) <25
NH4+ (ppm) <10
Cl- (ppm) <20
Al3+ 0.5

Grower’s Tip:

This planting mix is an excellent choice for plants that will be watered frequently without a high level of evaporation, such as a shaded greenhouse or in cooler environments.

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