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SO Hydro-Logic Pressure Booster Pump for Merlin GP


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SO Hydro-Logic Pressure Booster Pump for Merlin GP

This is the intermittent duty version of the booster pump
Boosts inlet pressure up to 60 psi
Designed to boost low pressure situations below 40 psi
Designed for shorter runs times of a few hours, not continuous duty
Thermal protective micro-processor that allows the pump to shut down for periods to protect it from overheating
It comes with a heat sink, ½” quick connect (QC) fittings and a 110V plug

Installing SO Hydro-Logic Pressure Booster Pump for Merlin GP

1. Install the pump on the inlet tubing ( 1/2 white) of the Merlin-Garden Pro. Simply cut the inlet tubing somewhere close to RO system and push each cut end into the fittings on the pump. NOTE: there is an arrow indicating direction flow of the water, on the pump.

2. Shut off the 3/8 shut-off valve, included with the Merlin-Garden Pro.The line pressure will increase and the pump will shut off. DO NOT attempt to shut off the flow of water entering the pump. The pump will not shut off and will quickly burn itself out. This is not covered under warranty. If you need to shut off the water entering the pump, unplug the pump’s power cord.

3. When the pump reaches its thermal limit, it will shut down until it cools off a bit, and then re-start until the next thermal cycle. The pump will thermally cycle every 20 minutes of use for a 10 minute cool-off period.

DO NOT attempt to unplug the pump from power and restart it. It cycles for a reason. If you attempt to bypass the thermal cycling, you will burn out the pump. This is not covered under warranty.


(H x W x D): 5″ x 9.375″ x 5.25″


8.375 lbs


1 Year

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