SO Aluminum 20 Level Single Chamber Drying Rack 18″ X 32″


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Aluminum 20 Level Single Chamber Drying Rack

20 Trays
Space 3 inches

The Canncas Rack System can be designed to work with our Automated Pan Loading and Unloading System. Each of our racks feature tow brackets for joining racks together or for automated use and are available with 6″ and 8″ castors for smooth movement.


– Fully welded construction for strength/durability
– One, two, or three chamber racks available for handling drying trays
– Custom spacing available for shelf height upon request
– Solid accumulation trays on bottom base

Our food-grade stainless steel drying racks come in multiple sizes and configurations, including Drying Racks (single and three compartments)

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Dimensions 53.34 × 81.28 × 182.88 cm


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