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SO CenturionPro Bed Bar Blade – For Original, Silver & Gladi


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CenturionPro Bed Bar Blade – For Original, Silver & Gladi

The CenturionPro Bed Bar Blade is designed to work with both the electropolished steel and Quantanium coated Tumblers. Its slanted angle creates an unparalleled, precise cut accompanied by a razor sharp edge.

If you’re looking for an effective blade that harvests undamaged buds and trichomes, the self sharpening Bed Bar Blade makes a perfect fit. This is the perfect finishing touch for a highly effective cannabis trimmer, allowing every grow operation to maximize its yield and quality.

Matched with the cutting reel, the bed bar blade is designed to ensure a precision cut that pairs perfectly with the tumblers. Its sleek finish reduces cleaning and maintenance times and is compatible with the CenturionPro’s Original, Silver Bullet and Gladiator trimmer machines. Made of D2 hardened steel, the Bed Bar Blade’s sharp cross-cutting action makes it the perfect accessory for a highly efficient bud trimmer.

The CenturionPro Bed Bar Blade has a hardness factor of Rockwell 59 and is a powerful catalyst for any operation that’s looking for high productivity levels of quality cannabis trimming.

Maximize your profits and aim for second to none quality by using this advanced product. Its innovative technology will change the way you think about cannabis production by setting your standards high.

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Weight 68.04 kg
Dimensions 58.42 × 57.15 × 49.53 cm


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