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Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer


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Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer


The body and main components of the Centurion Pro Mini are made entirely of Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel. This machine is small but mighty and can withstand moves, cleaning and regular use with no issues.

The Centurion Pro Mini features a Toro hardened steel cutting reel featuring 11 high quality blades, double what the competition offers. This machine also features our magnetic blade technology, which promises a consistently sharp blade and cleanest cut in the industry.

Get 40% greater trichome preservation with the tumblers, that delicately handle your precious flowers. Toss out those special lubricants and sprays because with this technology, your precious trichomes will not stick to the tumbler.

The system comes with a 1.5hp leaf collector that produces 2000 CFM of pure suction power.
The Centurion Pro Mini utilizes our unique diverter that fine tunes the air flow and cut to ensure preservation of different strains and densities.

The double bag system is designed for cleanliness, as well as trim and kief collection so you don’t waste any of your precious product for further use.

Centurion Pro Mini Benefits:

Replace 15-20 human trimmers without compromising quality.
Makes 25,000 cuts per minute
Processes 12-16 lbs per hour, dry
Processes 60-80 lbs per hour, wet
Easy to clean in 10 minutes
Easy to maintain due to high-quality components and few moving parts

What is Included

Centurion Pro Mini
Leaf Collector

Centurion Pro Mini machine

Input Voltage 6A * 110V NA
Dimensions 25″ x 10″ x 24″
Weight 65 lbs
Tumbler Diameter 6.5″
Cuts Per Minute 25,000+

Centurion Pro Mini Leaf Collector
Input Voltage 115V
Dimensions 19″ x 19″ x 16″
Weight 60 lbs
Horse Power 1.5HP
Airflow Capacity 2000 CFM


10 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 116.12 kg
Dimensions 101.60 × 121.92 × 101.60 cm