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Green Gold Bowl Trimmer


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Green Gold Bowl Trimmer

The Green Gold Bowl trimmer – This small trimmer is geared toward small to medium sized projects. Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots, for the preparation of plants for essential oils, for the mixture of flower petals for potpourris. The Green Gold Bowl trimmer trim’s with just a few turn’s of the handle. The simple design with no electric parts makes the Green Gold Bowl trimmer virtually unbreakable. The Green Gold Bowl trimmer uses the highest quality materials, all rubber pieces are made of the highest quality food grade rubber. The Green Gold Bowl trimmer Trimmer is guaranteed to help you trim in a fraction of the time.


Sharp, stainless steel blades
Provides clean & efficient cut while minimizing damage to plants
Clear plastic dome ensures total visibility for precise trim
Solid metal gear box
Dual-direction manual rotation clockwise/counter-clockwise
Removable handle
Portable, easy to use and clean

Grower’s Tip

Remove the handle provided and use a standard drill with a 19mm bit to convert your trimmer into an electric version virtually costing you nothing to upgrade yourself.


1 Year

Additional information

Weight 6.01 kg
Dimensions 45.72 × 45.72 × 27.94 cm


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