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Green Gold Drying Rack 32″ Diameter


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Green Gold Drying Rack 32″ Diameter

A Green Gold Drying Rack is a perfect way to dry your plant material for optimum results.
The Max Dry Round Black Hanging Dryer (6 levels) also known as “The Rack”.

The Green Gold Drying Rack contains 6 levels to dry and cure your plant material!

Hang your Green Gold Drying Rack from the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room for easy curing.

Make sure you have your area properly ventilated with fans to ensure air movement to create the perfect environment for even and fast drying.

Breathable Mesh material gives you ideal air circulation which will reduce the chances of mold or rot on your buds or plant material.

The 360 degree design makes it easy to reach your plant material for any angle!

We know you want perfection at every stage of growth, from your plant nutrients to your drying racks. The Green Gold Drying Rack is perfect gardening accessory for any grow tent or grow room!

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Weight 1.47 kg
Dimensions 63.50 × 63.50 × 3.81 cm


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