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SO EZ-Clone Drain Plug Assembly


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SO EZ-Clone Drain Plug Assembly

Even with EZ-Clone ultra simple design, sometimes parts need to be replaced. No worries. Our Drain Plug Assemblies are perfect for adding a drain plug to an existing reservoir in your grow room, or as a direct replacement for a damaged 1 in an older EZ-Clone System. These sturdy HDPE reservoirs come with drain plugs for use in any grow room application.

– 5 piece assembly is comprised of a drain plug adapter, which reduces your standard 3/4 hose thread to a 1/2 MPT
– A white guide nut which treads perfectly onto the 1/2 MPT side of the adapter, while a standard hose cap seals the 3/4 threading
– Are 2 custom cut rubber washers which insure no leaking will occur
– Just remember to put 1 washer on the outside of your reservoir and the other inside between the reservoir and guide nut


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